Florida Academy of Sciences

Florida Academy of Sciences


Why join FAS?

What will membership in the Florida Academy of Sciences do for you?  Here are some valuable opportunities.

  • An Annual Meeting with networking among many scientific disciplines, dynamic presentations and plenary sessions featuring current science topics.

  • Opportunities to present scientific papers at the Annual Meeting.

  • Membership in the only Florida organization of professional and lay citizens that represent all science disciplines.

  • Subscription to an acclaimed quarterly journal, Florida Scientist, listed in many scientific indices.

  • Special member privileges to publish in the journal.

  • Participation in efforts to increase the understanding of governmental agencies about science and its importance to Florida life and economy.

  • Mentoring and supporting young scientists through the Junior Academy of Sciences and college student chapters.

  • Awards and recognition to your scientists, to FAS  members and to peers in the Florida scientific community.

  • A council of dedicated volunteer officers, section chairs, and committee chairs which meets regularly to promote FAS science and science education goals.

  • Participation in activities to promote public awareness of the value of science to the economy of Florida and the nation.

  • A forum for K-12 and post secondary educators to work together with FAS to improve science education in Florida.

  • Increased opportunities to serve on committees that shape science and science education policies in Florida.

  • Participation in AAAS at the national level through FAS affiliation.

Become a member today!

As Florida becomes an important center for science and technology, it needs a strong central organization representing all branches and levels of science to aid in the scientific development of the state and in the education of its citizens.  The Florida Academy of Sciences is that organization.

We invite you to join in working towards these goals.  Become active in one of the section areas in which you have an interest.

Fill out the online membership form (above)and submit it electronically with your credit card information or fill it out, print it and mail it with your membership dues today.

Receipt of your membership application will be acknowledged by email or by snail mail if an email address is not available.

FAS Sections

  • Agricultural & Natural Resource Sciences
  • Anthropological Sciences
  • Atmospheric & Oceanographic Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Computer & Mathematical Sciencesineering Sciences
  • Environmental & Chemical Sciences
  • Florida Committee on Rare & Endangered Plants and Animals
  • Geosciences
  • Medical Sciences
  • Physics & Space Sciences
  • Science Teaching
  • Social Sciences